Lots of people ask us about the turtles in our logo and what they have to do with shave ice. They really do not have anything to do with shave ice, but they are one of our families favorite animals – especially the sea turtles in Hawaii.

The sea turtles are so graceful and fun to watch in the Hawaiian waters when snorkeling or scuba diving. They are absolutely magnificent creatures. Our daughters love sea turtles and whenever my wife sees one in the water while walking or resting on the beach you are guaranteed to know that there is a sea turtle in the water.

Unfortunately, sea turtles are classified as an endangered species meaning they are at risk of becoming extinct.

While there are thousands of new hatchlings every year there are numerous predators that they must evade including crabs, sea gulls, tiger sharks and humans. It is estimated it takes 20 to 50 years for a turtle to reach sexual maturity and that less than 1% of the sea turtles that are born will reach this age.

While SoHa was started as a business for our entire family to take part in, we also want to give back. One way we feel we give back is by helping other families have rewarding family time through the sharing of shave ice. The other way is by donating a portion of our net profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to the conservation of ocean wildlife.

The organization that we have chosen to support in 2016 is the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. This group of dedicated individuals and families is actively engaged in the community, in research, education and conservation projects to protect marine life in the Hawaiian oceans. 2016 marks 20 years of conservation, research and education in Hawaii for the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. We would love to see them making a difference for at least another twenty years!

You can learn more about Hawaii Wildlife Fund by CLICKING HERE.